Tuesday, 29 June 2010


The Zoom feature within Microsoft Office has been available in all of the previous versions. However, this feature has been slightly updated to include a Zoom Slider on the Status Bar so that you can quickly and easily increase or decrease the zoom percentage. There is also a Zoom Percentage button on the Status Bar which can be used to specify an exact zoom ratio.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Office 2007 Help Window

The first time you use the Help feature in any of the Microsoft Office programs, the online Help window appears in a default location and size on your screen. You can change the way the Help window is displayed and thereafter, when you open the Help window, the settings that you made will be applied.

Each progr
am in Microsoft Office has a separate Help window. This means that when you open the Help window from one program, such as Microsoft Office Word, and then go to another program, such as Microsoft Office Outlook, and open Help, you see two separate Help windows. Microsoft Office maintains unique settings for each of these Help windows.

You can use the mouse to resize the dimensions of a Help window and drag its title bar to move the window to a new location. By default, each Help window is set to appear on top of any other Office windows, which means that you can click in the document and keep working while the help information is visible. You may, however, wish to turn this feature off to suit your requirements. If the window is currently set to stay on top of other windows, the Keep On Top tool looks like a push pin viewed from the top . If the window is not set to stay on top of other windows, the text changes to Not on Top, and the tool looks like a push pin viewed from the side . In this case, when you click in the document or another file, the document window will come to the front and the Help window will be obscured.
Office 2007 Help
You can find Help for Microsoft Office programs in more than one place. Help is installed on your computer when you install an Office program, and you can get additional Help content from Microsoft Office Online. You can specify where you want to search for Help, and you can restrict the scope of your search to online or offline or to a specific category within a program.

How Can I Access the Help Window?
Whether you are working in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Access, you can click on the Help tool or press to display the Help window.