Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Building Blocks

Building Blocks is a new way of creating and managing items of information that you want to access on a regular basis. You may want to store standard paragraphs of text, pictures, headers, footers, lists, in fact any type of “bite sized” information that you use. AutoText entries are also now part of Building Blocks and are converted into Building Blocks automatically To see this feature try the following:
  1. Select the paragraph you would like to make into a Building block
  2. Click on the Insert tab, click on [Quick Parts] in the Text group and then select Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery. The Create New Building Block dialog box will appear with your text named and categorised

  3. Click on [OK] to save it
  4. Each time accept the default settings in the Create New Building Block dialog box
  5. Create a new blank document
  6. On the Insert tab, click on [QuickParts]
  7. Your entries will appear at the top of the list
  8. Click on an entry to insert it in your document

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